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Corpo macchina della gloriosa RS, in ottimo stato, revisionata. MATR 2006272   Nikonos RS , 1992-1996 You are probably looking at one of the BEST, if not last of the underwater camera ever designed for underwater photography. It was almost 7 years after the autofocus...

Corpo macchina della gloriosa RS, in ottimo stato, revisionata. MATR 2006272


Nikonos RS, 1992-1996

You are probably looking at one of the BEST, if not last of the underwater camera ever designed for underwater photography. It was almost 7 years after the autofocus evolution which began in back in 1985. Nikon has stunned the entire photo community by introducing the world´s first TTL autofocus reflex-type underwater camera in January, 1992. It is not just another Nikonos, but can be considered as an entirely new breed of underwater camera as it embodied with almost similar performance of a top grade land-based SLR type and made handling photography underwater easily and assuring as with any of the normal Nikon SLRs. Built with cast aluminum chassis, although bulky in dimension and heavy in weight (2.6kg), but it is a robustly built, rugged camera, A built-in motor driven film transport eliminates any need of manual film advance as with the older Nikonos versions (it handles Auto film loading, auto DX or manual film speed coding, power film rewind is also provided); the AF provides various Focusing Modes which includes Single Servo, Continuous, Freeze Focus, or you can revert back to power manual focus (match needled manual focus), an AF lock is also provided; the oversized finder is a high eye point type, permits the diver to view all the essential information (In focus indication, f stop and shutter speed, exposure compensation, and flash ready indications etc.) even with their mask on for true, direct TTL reflex viewing and compositions.

The exposure control system used in the camera is almost similar to the AF-Nikon F601 with Matrix metered to handle Program AE and other exposure control modes. The Exposure compensation is also a large easy to use knob that it conveniently placed and easy to access and make fine exposure calibration. The working range of the camera has been extended from ASA 25 to 5000 with auto DX coded film or ISO 6-6400 manually. The shutter speed range has been greatly improved from Nikonos V´s so-so range of 1/30 to 1/1000 sec to a wide 1 sec. to 1/2000 sec range + a B setting for shooting long time exposure - making it the best performer among all the Nikonos. As artificial illumination is one of the essential feature required when shooting at great depth, through the lens (TTL) flash exposure control has been well taken care of in this fabulous AF-Nikonos. The flash synchronization peaks at 1/125 sec. electronic flash synch, flash exposure control offers matrix metered filled-in flash, second curtain flash sync, normal TTL flash and manual flash control with the special Nikonos RS flash unit, the SB-104 (or other applicable underwater speedlights such as SB-105 etc.). Overall, all the controls in the camera are very well thought out and are designed for easy access and operate underwater even with the gloves on (it even has a illuminated frame counter as well as remote shutter release is available via accessories).

Technical Specification:-



Type of camera: Integral-motor autofocus, 35mm single-lens reflex underwater camera
Construction: Body made of die-cast copper silumin oxidized aluminum alloy; all joints sealed by O-ring gaskets to ensure an absolute watertight environment; camera able to withstand pressures to a depth of 100m (328 ft.)
Picture format: 24mm x 36mm (standard 35mm film format)
Lens mount: Nikonos R-UW mount
Lens: Dedicated R-UW AF Nikkor lenses having CPU contacts
Viewfinder: Fixed eye level pentaprism High-eyepoint type; offset angle 9°; 0.39x magnification with 28mm lens at infinity; 92% frame coverage; -0.7 diopter; 60mm (2.4 in.) eye point relief
Focusing screen: Fixed Nikon advanced B-type Brite View screen with central focus brackets for autofocus operation
Viewfinder information: The following LCD indications appear: focus indicators, exposure mode, shutter speed, aperture, film speed, DX mark, ISO mark, electronic analogue display, exposure compensation mark, over or underexposure alert, ready-light; illuminated while meter is ON
Film speed range: ISO 25 to 5000 for DX-coded film; ISO 6 to 6400 for manual setting
Film speed setting: At DX position, automatically set to ISO speed of DX-code film used; with non-DX-coded film, ISO speed is set manually
Film loading: Film automatically advances to first frame when shutter release button is depressed once
Film advance: Film automatically advances one frame when shutter is released
Frame counter: Additive type; counts back while film is rewinding; illuminated by LED
Film rewind: Automatic when film rewind lever is turned; approx. 25 sec. per 36-exposure roll; stops automatically when film is rewound
Focus modes: Single-Servo or Continuous-Servo autofocus, Power Focus and Freeze Focus
Autofocus detection system: TTL phase detection system using Nikon Advanced AM200 autofocus module
Autofocus detection range: Approx. EV minus 1 to EV 19 (ISO 100)
Autofocus lock: By lightly pressing shutter release button in Single -Servo autofocus
Focus tracking: Automatically activated in Single-Servo and Continuous-Servo autofocus
Electronic rangefinder: Available in Power Focus mode
Exposure metering: Matrix and Centre-Weighted Metering built-in
Exposure meter: Activated by lightly pressing shutter release button; stays on for approx. 16 sec. after finger is lifted off the button
Metering range: EV3 to EV20 (ISO 100)
Exposure modes: Aperture-priority auto (A) and manual (M)
Aperture-priority auto exposure control: Shutter speed automatically set to match manually selectable aperture
Manual exposure control: Both aperture and shutter speed are set manually
Exposure compensation: Possible using exposure compensation dial within ±2 EV range in 1/3 EV steps
Shutter: Electro magnetically controlled vertical-travel focal-plane shutter
Shutter speeds: Lithium niobate oscillator-controlled speeds from 1/2000 to 1 sec.; electromagnetically controlled long exposure at B setting
Reflex mirror: Automatic, instant-return type
Camera back: Hinged type; opened and locked via camera back lock/release latch; inner camera door is also provided
Flash sync.: 1/30 to 1/125 sec. in A mode, down to one sec. shutter is available in rear-curtain sync; in M mode, shutter fires at speed set, and when set from 1/250 sec. or higher, shutter is automatically set to 1/125 sec.
Flash sync control: Front-curtain sync and rear-curtain sync provided; selected via switch inside body
Flash ready-light: Viewfinder LED lights up when dedicated Nikonos Speedlight is ready to fire; blinks to warn of insufficient light for correct exposure
Power source: One 6V lithium battery pack (CR-P2 or DL223A)
Tripod socket: Located at base plate of camera body; standard 1/4 in. (JIS)
Terminals: Accessory shoe, flash sync socket, remote socket
Dimensions ( W x H x D): 196 x 151 x 85mm
Weight (body only): 2,130g, 920g underwater




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NIKON RS 2006272
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